Over the last two decades, the public has known almost exclusively, only one aspect of my life — the work I have done and continue to do through Operation HOPE.  
Operation HOPE is the organization I founded more than 23 years ago, inspired by a conversation with my mentor Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray, then senior pastor of First A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles, following the Rodney King Riots of 1992. I was 26 years old at the time. 
Operation HOPE became not only my primary, and in time all consuming passion (its focus, mission and passion), like a young child finding her way, she also needed… almost all of my attention, for a long time. I made a commitment to HOPE and my community, and I have kept that commitment. I will continue to keep that commitment.
I will lead the work and the silver rights empowerment movement that HOPE has sparked, for as long as the board believes I add unique and important value, my management team believes in my vision and work ethic, and our communities continue to signal — that our work, on the ground, is on the right path. I truly enjoy what I do at HOPE, and I happen to believe that my team there, along with our amazing partners and our cutting edge intellectual property and human development software, are standing at the door to something true great and transformational for not only my community, but society writ-large.  That said, there is really so much more to me than my role as the founder, chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE. Maybe not more important than Operation HOPE — but more….

I was a businessman and entrepreneur for 16 years before I founded Operation HOPE, running Bryant Group Companies back in the 1980’s, and right up to when I put up more than $200,000 to form HOPE. Thereafter I also lent the fledgling organization some of my business organizations’ staff in 1992.
Factoid: my trusted chief of staff at Operation HOPE, Rachael Doff, was before that role, one of my earliest employees at the Bryant Group. 
I placed the dream of the Bryant Group on hold when I committed myself to the mission of Operation HOPE.  Today, I introduced you to another substantial aspect of me. The more rounded me.
Bryant Group Ventures is not in ‘competition’ for my time at Operation HOPE.  Rather everything that I created in my life, professionally, does and always has flown from Bryant Group Ventures.  Everything, including the philanthropic birth Operation HOPE! 
Introducing the refreshed online presence of Bryant Group Ventures.  I hope that you like it.
More on the ‘details’ of Bryant Group Ventures in a later post, or series of posts.
Let me know what you think. Let’s go…

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