On my birthday last week, Friday, February 6th, 2015, I was honored to be the main keynote speaker for the IE Business School annual Alumni Forum, bringing 1,000 prominent alumni from throughout Europe and around the world.

I was also honored to be hosted in Madrid by Mr. Guillermo de la Dehesa, the former Central Banker for Spain, a very prominent businessman and former leader within the Spanish Government, and now (amongst other things) Chairman, IE Business School.  IE Business School is one of the most prominent business schools in the world, with a special and important focus on entrepreneurship.  They have a new partnership with a major newspaper promoting financial education, which I also admire.

My keynote remarks focused on the untapped potential of the so-called poor and underserved, in Spain and throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  It focused on my new bestselling book, HOW THE POOR CAN SAVE CAPITALISM, and what I call the "Coming Decade of the Woman."  I am sure the IE School will soon make remarks available online.

Check out IE Business School and the important work they are doing.

John Hope Bryant

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