Organization aims to empower youth and adults alike through financial literacy

John Hope Bryant with Office of the Chairman Fellow Eddie Minta and new OOC Intern Maria Martinez (her first day.)Facebook/Operation HOPEJohn Hope Bryant (center) with Office of the Chairman Fellow Eddie Minta (left) and OOC Intern Maria Martinez (right).

Last year, 45 million Americans, or 14.5 percent of the population, were below the poverty line. While declining, that percentage still represents a life-defining crisis that hinders millions. Furthermore, the 'Teetering Class,' or Americans who are essentially surviving paycheck to paycheck, constantly risks falling below the poverty line as well. But one movement, Operation HOPE, aims to change lives through financial dignity.

Operation HOPE is a leading nonprofit that aims to empower individuals through financial literacy in a bid to eradicate poverty. John Hope Bryant established Operation HOPE in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots in South Central Los Angeles in 1992. Bryant, an entrepreneur since childhood, teaches these methods through the Silver Rights Movement, a series of books that tackles important subjects facing Americans today. His latest book, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, delves deeper into these topics.

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