By: Hannah McFadden, Senior Fellow

Screen-Shot-2014-12-01-at-2.01.10-PM-670x331Odyssey School is a K-8 charter school in Denver that employs an expeditionary learning model, welcoming its students to take on learning adventures with the mindset, “Leap In. Get Stuck. Push Through.” Working within this educational model, HOPE-Denver implemented HOPE Business In A Box Academies in three classrooms in partnership with teacher, Carina Duhadway. Carina shares her experience collaborating with Operation HOPE’s youth entrepreneurship program:

“One of the most daunting tasks for me as a teacher is coordinating experts to visit my classroom. It can be so daunting that most teachers who are already pressed for time to complete the routine teacher responsibilities do not have the time to make it happen, despite the incredible potential for authentic learning that could ensue. Besides, even when teachers do go the extra mile, often the visitor is ill-prepared to work with youth and class time is wasted

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Posted by Natasha Eldridge, Office of the Chairman

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