Success Story: "Operation HOPE has changed my life, and I’m so excited to share my experience with you"

November, 2014

Image(1)Operation HOPE has changed my life, and I’m so excited to share my experience with you.

I have been trying to purchase a house for at least 3 years and it has been a struggle. I initially started off with NACA back in 2011 and was very consistent with them sending paperwork and after 6 months I got denied by the underwriter. I was never able to get assistance after that to resubmit my file, so I gave up. You know that feeling when you just know it’s not meant to be. I began filling hopeful again towards the end of 2013, so I decided to work on my credit so I could have a solid chance this time. By May 2014 my score was increasing quite nicely, but it was still not a 640, but around a 625-630. In May 2014 I met someone who told me about Operation Hope and I signed up for their June 14th class. I had just had knee surgery so it was a struggle attending a class for 8 hours, but I went and I was very glad that I did or I wouldn’t be able to tell you about how I purchased my house in 30 days.

After attending that class on a Saturday, I received a call on the following Tuesday from Bernetta the realtor with Frank Edmonson who was the real estate presenter at the class. On that Tuesday my life changed, I got pre-approved with Kim Arrington at Southeast Mortgage and by Saturday I was out looking at houses. I found my house on Tuesday, June 24th I put in a bid and it was accepted. I was in shock, everyone kept asking me are you excited; I was like this is unreal. On July 28, 2014 I closed on my house and the process with Operation HOPE really did give me HOPE! The people involved with this program have a true desire to help you and see you through to the end and I am thankful for the opportunity.

Thank you Operation HOPE,

LaToya M. Lott


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