Ballot-box-voting-rights-300x241In the Oxford Dictionary, the word FREEDOM is defined as –

“The power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.”

Tomorrow, Election Day, is an opportunity to express this freedom. At Operation HOPE, we teach people about financial dignity and Silver Rights, but Civil Rights must be enacted upon and practiced on a continuous basis for Silver Rights and financial freedom to occur. Election Day should also serve as a reminder of the price our ancestors, great-grandparents, parents and neighbors paid for us to have freedom.

Let Election Day be an act of reclaiming our freedom, this act must be done over and over again, day after day until it becomes a daily lifestyle. The reclaiming will be rooted in voting with our hands, heart, and feet. Moving from that point to operationalize 'these rights' and freedoms, with a finger pointed forward — towards hope, and opportunity for all.

And so, let us all go out tomorrow and VOTE. This pays the greatest respect to nation, our icons, our parents, our children — and our-selves.

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