Get Nailed24/7  shouldn’t be a secret that stays in Vegas

This month in recognition of President Obama’s proclamation honoring entrepreneurs, for National Entrepreneurship Month and November 18th for National Entrepreneurship Day, Operation HOPE is highlighting the many individuals who have participated in HOPE programs Entrepreneurship and Small Business Programs. This week, HOPE highlights, Beth Madden a small business dreamer who has parlayed her talents into a multi-faceted business and is still growing.


Get Nailed 24/7 is (I’m sure you already guessed) Beth’s thriving all-day, all-night nail salon. Located in Las Vegas — the other town that never sleeps,  Get Nailed 24/7 boosts 14 employees and is located across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, 5 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, in the CVS shopping center. They provide a Gold-Standard level of service around-the-clock, all day…every day.

Over 7 years ago, she was referred to the Operation HOPE course by the Wright Sisters, friends of hers that were taking the Entrepreneurship course at HOPE.  Her biggest takeaway from the training – is that she learned it was possible to own a business and that you could be successful. Prior to the training, owning her own business was only a dream. Taking the course also helped Beth build confidence and organize her plans to put her dreams into action.

For Beth, the biggest challenge is the balancing act that comes along with being in business for yourself.  There’s always a new challenge to meet, and the day is never finished. It’s not a challenge that she’s shrinking away from anytime soon, she already has plans to open a Clothing Boutique and another retail store focused on dance-wear called, Crazy Legs.


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