My friend Jim Clifton, chairman and CEO of the Gallup Organization, knows what a proper business mentoring relationship looks like, and his mentee, young AJ has responded accordingly, by rising to the occassion.

Mr. Clifton, who is far from non-busy, running a global enterprise, always finds time for young AJ in his schedule.  And when they get together they don't go to museums or baseball parks.  They get together in Jim's office, or at business lunches such as this one.  Jim even arranged for a proper business internship for young AJ at Gallup, where of course AJ absolutely blossomed and became the new and energized young man he is today.  Ready for the future, with good grades too.

Jim Clifton, who serves on the Operation HOPE Global Board of Directors, is my model for what the world will soon know to be a B- Business Compact.  More on this later, but for now — be inspired by the dual role modeling of Jim Clifton and AJ.  They are changing the world together.

As noted in both The Tipping Point and my new bestselling book, How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, it only takes 5% of role models to stabilize any community.  Be that role model that makes a differnce in yours.

To learn more about how you can make a difference in our work through Operation HOPE, check out Project 5117, consider making a commitment of your own making, and contact Shannon Campbell.

Let's go.

John Hope Bryant


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