By Natasha Eldridge


The world and economy has now reached a point when a $100,000 student loan from a prestigious college will get you a position as the top intern at a major firm. Let's turn this furture around and give children the tools to create a brighter one.  

At Operation HOPE we believe in this quote from Peter Drucker and apply it to children in elementary and middle school. Overall, HOPE believes that by giving students the opportunity to express and nurture their preexisting aspirations, students will be more likely to stay in school, graduate, succeed, and lead a dignified life.  

Below is a result from the 2013 Gallup-HOPE Index, which measures the economic energy of youth across the United States via a national survey, that show how education and opportunity can lead a child to a brighter future.

"In schools where HOPE actively delivers its programs (BOOF and HBIAB), students are significantly more likely to have entrepreneurial aspirations; they are more educated on money and how to run a business; they are more likely to have an internship and they are more likely to run their own business ."


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Written by Natasha Eldridge, Senior Fellow, Office of the Chairman

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