LinkedIn Influencer: The Big Lie: We Hate Rich People.

October, 2014


“One of the biggest lies perpetuated in society today is ‘we all hate rich people.’ In actuality, we don’t. We hate rich people, until we become rich ourselves.”

When I was coming up in Compton, California, a banker came into my classroom and taught a course in financial literacy. I remember like it was yesterday. The entire world opened up to me when this man taught me and my classmates what I now call the "global language of money."

He wore a blue suit, a white shirt, and a red tie. And I remember that it was a good suit! He happened to be caucasian, but that didn’t matter to me. He might as well have been green as far as I was concerned, as in the color of U.S. currency.

I remember asking him, “sir, what do you do for a living, and how did you get rich, legally?” And I was dead serious. You see, almost no one in my neighborhood of Compton, California wore business suits, or had a professional job with a salary for that matter. Almost everyone was an hourly wage worker. 

No one in my neighborhood had a business card, there were no entrepreneurs, and small business owners were in very short supply. Anyway, the gentleman told me he was a banker, and that “…he financed entrepreneurs.” All I remember thinking was, “I don’t know what an entrepreneur is, but I want to be one!” 


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