The Blessing of the Middle Class

America has a teetering class of people from all walks of life, living with a wobbling sense of staggering uncertainty. These aren’t just the poor.

These are the nearly poor, the almost poor, the could be poor, the was poor, the really poor, the somewhat poor, the temporarily poor, and, of course, the persistently poor.

This class of Americans is hard to define. It extends across traditional class, race, and economic lines. It includes people who work and don’t earn enough to cover their expenses, whether this is a low-income single mother earning a living as a waitress or a married midlevel accountant earning $50,000.

They represent a diverse but interconnected, multiracial population of average, everyday American heroes and “sheroes” living all too often with too much month at the end of their money.


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Posted by Natasha Eldridge, Senior Fellow, Office of the Chairman


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