SirJames Buchanon is a classic model of a man.  A military man.  A family man. A father, and a real friend to those he allows in.  God made an original, when He made SirJames Buchanon. Even his name is unique.

SirJames served as my confidential personal assistant in the Office of the Chairman in Atlanta for two years, and he did a great job in this role.  SirJames is now transitioning into the next great adventure in and for his life, and his family's life, and I and we could not be happier for him.  

For two years, SirJames kept my life moving, and I appreciated that.  In short, he was the one simply doing what needed to be done. Often offering even before being asked.  


It was during his time as my PA that SirJames experienced the sudden death of his best friend, the late Walter Jackson, who also worked as a leader at Operation HOPE.  Walter served as our founding leader of HOPE Inside at Ebenezer, and those two were tied at the hip, as the closest of friends.  

During this time SirJames, often seen as 'a leader-within' by friends, family, extended family, and even Mr. Jackson's family, found himself at the center of all things associated with the homegoing of his friend, Walter Jackson.  And then he took off just enough time to get things together for the family.  And after a time away, there was SirJames Buchanon once again; showing up for duty and service to others at Operation HOPE.  

At the end of the day, SirJames' number one trait isn't actually a professional competency, per se (though he has many).  It was my absolute trust in him.  And in the role he played for me and HOPE, this credential cannot be over-estimated.  I even trusted him with my own family.  

I never once doubted my trust for SirJames Buchanon.  Never.  What else needs to be said about a person? This speaks for itself.

SirJames Buchanon has served his country (the military, as a U.S. Marine), his community (Hands On Atlanta and now Operation HOPE), his family and friends, and now hopefully it's time for himself.  

I was proud to have him on my team for two years.  And now I am happy to see him go and pursue whatever comes next in his life.

That said, it is sort of in the DNA of SirJames Buchanon to be "doing things for others,"  so I fully expect us all to see him back on the field of social and communinty change again.  

To quote SirJames himself, "Marines don't die. They simply go to Heaven and regroup."

On behalf of the entire Operation HOPE family and my own, thank you for your selfless service. It did not go unnoticed.  Wishing you the best SirJames Buchanon.  

For a photo album of some of the special moments of SirJames tenture with me and Operation HOPE, click here.

Let's go…

John Hope Bryant

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