I take my 'public service' seriously, and so it was with great personal pride that I flew into New York City early in Sunday morning for a 10-Year CGI Founding Members Luncheon on September 21st, 2014.  I had expected a meeting of several hundred people, but when I walked into the luncheon, which featured President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton and foundation vice chair Chelsea Clinton, there were less than 100 attendees — 84 to be exact.  And here was the criteria — a founding member for Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) who has attended the last 10 CGI meetings.  

Deeply honored to be there, and to join friends and leaders including Queen Rania of Jordan, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, and so many others I admire and respect.  

It's time for leaders here and around the world to begin to 'show up' — in their own community, and in the lives of those who feel disconnected from hope, aspiration and opportunity.  CGI is just that — one of those special places in the world where you feel you can 'show up' and make a substantial difference too.

I was honored to 'show up' at this luncheon, to attend the subsequent CGI Annual Meeting as a Founding Member, and to make and fulfill substantial Commitments that moves our world forward and makes life better for others.  Just one of our recent commitments was a roll up of more than 1,200 subcommitments for CGI America, tied directly to Project 5117 (5 Million Kids to make smart cool so kids want to stay in school, 1 Million kids to go through HOPE Business In A Box Academies, 1,000 HOPE Inside locations, all leading to HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities).  

Show up and show out at CGI by framing a commitment for action in your community today.  You can get more information here.

Our mission and movement is silver rights — what's yours?

John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE


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