Positive Economy


The LHFORUM was initiated in 2012 in Le Havre with an ambition: gathering the men and women that make the positive economy.


During 2 to 4 days, businessmen, NGO directors, social entrepreneurs, thinkers, artists and conscious citizens gather to  present their innovative projects and ideas, to exchange and think together the answers to the great challenges of tomorrow, always keeping in mind the interest of generations to come.


The LHFORUM is structured on thematic sessions: climate, education, industry, finance, culture, health, etc. Each session gives the floor to 4 to 6 topside speakers who, during 20 minutes, share their experiences, projects, ideas and ambitions with the audience.

Wherever you are, there is always a LHFORUM near you!

Born in Le Havre, the LHFORUM is rolling out abroad. Discover our events around the world!

CHANGING OUR PATTERNS : new patterns for a  positive society

Benoit Legrand, General Director, ING France

Pascal BaudryBusiness manager, psychoanalyst, professor and writer

Bernard Leblanc-Halmos, Coach, trainer in management company, École du Génie mutuel

Gilles Babinet, Chairman Captain Dash, Digital champion for France to European Union

Soumia Malinbaum, President, AFMD, Charged with Business Development, Keyrus 

Jean-Marc Daniel, Historian, economist, ESCP

Jean-François Toussaint, Doctor and physiologist professor, University Paris Descartes

Sonu Shivdasani, CEO, Soneva Group & Founder, Slow life Foundation

Rédouane Najmeddine, Chairman of Executive Management Board, Al Barid Bank

Ali Bou Imajdil, Strategy Director, Al Barid Bank

John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman, CEO, Operation Hope

Saskia Sassen, Expert in globalization and urban sociology, professor, Columbia University


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