Focused on Forum themes and OECD work, OECD Forum Speakers Series are presentations structured in a roundtable format, inviting debate with our stakeholders, including ambassadors, representatives from Member country delegations, OECD directors and heads of service, CEOs and senior directors from both the private sector and civil society organisations.

2014 events

  • The other population crisis: What governments can do about falling birth rates
    by Steven Philip Kramer, author, historian, Foreign Policy Practitioner & Professor of National Security Studies, Eisenhower School for National Security & Resource Strategy, National Defense University
    3 July 2014

  • A new quantum revolution: from the Einstein-Bohr debate to Quantum Information
    by Alain Aspect, Professor of Physics, Institut d'Optique & École Polytechnique Palaiseau; Senior Scientist, CNRS
    23 May 2014

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