Airing This Week: Bryant and New Book on Los Angeles KLCS-TV, Wednesday, August 13th, 2014, 9pm

August, 2014

Wednesday Evening, 9:00 PM
John Bryant – How the Poor Can Save Capitalism
John Bryant is the Chairman and CEO of Operation Hope. He is an inspiring man with a plan and a new way of looking at how we can solve many of the issues facing our nation. With his book, How the Poor Can Save Capitalism, John brings a fresh approach on how to rebuild the middle class and the importance it plays in revitalizing America.

Get The new book, How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, here.

Watch the 4-minute movie on How The Poor Can Save Capitalism here.

Listen to the first national interview for How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, on the Steve Harvey Morning Show here.

Join the national HOPE 100-City Book Tour here.


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