9153229281_e85b45e39c_bOperation HOPE would like to thank Mr. Fred Smith, president of HOPE Coalition America, HOPE Coalition America Advisory Board Member and a senior advisor to the chairman of Operation HOPE for his many years of service and being dedicated in helping many Americans through financial hardships after natural disasters. HOPE Coalition America helped with recovery for Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, tornadoes in Oklahoma and the floods of Colorado, to name a few.

We congratulate him on his retirement and know he will continue to do great things in the next chapter of his life.

Mr. Smith will remain active with Operation HOPE as a senior advisor for John Hope Bryant, chairman, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE and as an Advisory Board Member for HOPE Coalition America.

To take a look at Fred and his years at HOPE, please visit our flickr page. 

Below is the complete bio of Mr. Smith.

HOPE Coalition America Advisory Board Member Since: January 2014

Fred Smith is the President of HOPE Coalition America; a division of Operation HOPE, Inc. Fred also is a senior advisor to the chairman of Operation HOPE.

He is the former President and Chief Operating Officer of Operation HOPE, Inc., a national nonprofit that provides economic education, financial fred smith clintonliteracy and financial dignity services, and Deputy Treasurer of the State of California. As Deputy Treasurer for Public Finance, he was responsible for all general obligation bonds, lease revenue bonds, revenue anticipation notes and the State’s commercial paper program. He managed the State’s portfolio of outstanding debt and the annual cash-borrowing plan needed to finance the State’s fiscal operational budget and represented the Treasurer on twenty-five finance and public interest committees. As Assistant Treasurer, served as Executive Director of the California Debt Limit Allocation Committee that is responsible for allocating $1.5 billion, annually, in private activity bond financing in California. Additional responsibilities included Executive Director of the California Industrial Development Financing Advisory Commission, and the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, managing the activities of individuals who assist private, business and local government, to develop and structure financing to facilitate economic expansion and environment improvement. He was the principal coordinator of the California Financial Summit and the California Pacific Rim Investment Summits in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Taiwan.

Please read Fred Smith's complete story here.


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