A special thank you to the 10 public radio station stations and shows that have thus far decided to feature my new book, How The Poor Can Save Capitalism. They include….

WUSB Everything is Broken / Stony Brook/ Long Island, NY, So CT, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester

WNYC Lenny Lopate / New York Public Radio

PRI Tavis Smiley / Public Radio International

WSOU Thank God for Mondays / out of Seton Hall / public radio in NYC Metro

Wisconsin Public Radio / Conversations with Joy Cardin / Wisconsin / 20 affilatess

KKVI Valder Beebe/ Public Radio Dallas

WPBI.. On the Money/ Public Radio, see 5 states affiliates/ FL IN, NY

Minneapolis Public Radio / Daily Circuit / LiveNewstalk

WNCU, Ed Fulbright Show / Public Radio North Carolina

WFSK / What’s the 411 / Public Radio / Fisk University / Nashville

WLRN / WKWM Topical Currents / Public Radio South Florida

If you would like to hear the Lenny Lopate interview from NYC, you can find it here.  What a man he is….


Get The new book, How The Poor Can Save Capitalism, here.

Watch the 4-minute movie on How The Poor Can Save Capitalism here.

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