5.0 out of 5 stars The economic engine of the country is the poor, June 4, 2014

The biggest impact this book had on me was to change my viewpoint about the poor 180 degrees. Like almost everyone in the country, I believed the poor were an economic drain on the resources and financial capital of the country. This book changed that belief to recognize the true economic engine of the country is the poor. The poor hold the purchase power and will drive the new inventions and businesses that will be created to meet their needs. Yes, while most of the money is held by 1% or less of the population, it is the overwhelming numbers of the other 99% that will drive the economy. One way of looking at it is diversification. How much can one person buy against a million people buying goods. Open up the markets to these folk and then get out of the way, they will grow the economy just by buying goods for their daily living.

This book is packed with information and concrete simple how to's. If we just implement one of the how to's we will change the country.


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