Operation HOPE (HOPE) is America’s first nonprofit software company, specializing in the software of human development.  We have successfully reverse-designed the problem of poverty and are implementing a sustainable, scalable empowerment platform in its place, nationwide.

Through Project 5117, HOPE will be the nation’s first ever private banker for the nation’s poor and struggling class (the 100 million Americans making $50,000 or less) — accomplished in active partnership with the private sector, government and community.

We accomplish this by (1) creating the nation’s first ever national financial services network for the poor and underserved adult population, and underserved communities, and thereafter (2) standing up the first ever national school-based economic empowerment platform, for underserved youth.  

Since we publically announced the launch of the Project 5117 initiative at our 2013 Global Financial Dignity Summit, we have secured over 700  support  commitment and 81 commitments to open HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB) youth entrepreneurship academies and HOPE Inside locations. Our goal is to open 1,000 HOPE Inside locations and establish 1,000 HBIAB Academies by the year 2020.  The overall impact of Project 5117 is to serve 1 million youth and 500 thousand adults who will receive financial education, counseling and entrepreneurship training that will produce homeowners, business owners and jobs. 

To make your own commitment for Project 5117, and to join the movement, sign on here.

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