Here is a report on one of our many HCA client successs stories from my HCA Team:

Karen S. & Kevin (NJ Police Officer) needed help deciding what to do after Hurricane Sandy.

There home was damaged due to Superstorm Sandy and they didn't know what direction to turn. Based on an analysis of the family’s income, the insurance settlement they received, their mortgage payments, the new flood insurance costs ($20,000 a year), and the costs of rebuilding to new code ($74,000), the family decided it would be in their best interests to walk away from their current home.

They had never missed a mortgage payment and didn't know how to request any help. HCA staff assisted the family in negotiating a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure with the mortgage company and negotiated a favorable reporting status to the credit reporting agencies. In most cases, a Deed in Lieu on a credit report would prevent one from buying a new home for 4-7 years, but as a result of HCA’s advice, counseling, and intervention, the clients were able to purchase a new home 6 months after their Deed in Lieu was finalized.

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