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The U.S. Financial Literacy & Education Commission (FLEC) traveled today to Atlanta, Georgia to host an Atlanta, Georgia Field Meeting on February 25, 2014 from 1pm – 3:30pm at The Sam Nunn Federal Building in Atlanta, Georgia. 
Immediately following this field meeting, FLEC Representatives will travel to The King Center and Operation HOPE Financial Dignity Center (HOPE Inside at Ebenezer) to participate in a roundtable discussion on HOPE's Project 5117.
Attendees from the federal government to include
Melissa Koide, Deputy Assistant Secretary For Consumer Policy
Louisa Koide, 
Michael Wade,
Carol Quiller, Senior Tax Analyst, National Partnerships, U.S. IRS Atlanta Headquarters
Assistant Secretary for Labor, EBSA – Employee Benefits Security Administration Phyllis Borzi
Judy Mares, Deputy Assistant Secretary For Labor, EBSA
Meredith Regine, Special Assistant For Labor, EBSA
Isabel Colen, Atlanta Regional Director, EBSA
Lindsay Williams, Office of Public Affairs


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