Two days after publishing an article on LinkedIn Influencers, on the topic of FIRE, BEING TIRED, I became increasingly intrigued by the intense and growing interest in the subject.  

This 'interest' includes 70,000 plus readers over two days and growing, 2800 plus shares in LinkedIn and close to 2,000 social media shares, likes and more than 200 substance filled comments speaks powerfully. Particularly from this group.  

The LinkedIn community tends to be a very serious group, that is mostly focused on ways to advance their lives, their communities, and our world. This group does not tend to waste time, and they generally have very high expectations. This tells me that many more people than acknowledge or admit it publicly are struggling with 'purpose' and 'passion' questions in their lives.  A good number of professionals in fact feel what I describe as 'tired' on a regular basis, and didn't know precisely why.  And that's the nerve that this piece hit, I believe.  

The piece spoke to people about what is going on underneath the surface we show publicly. Here I republish a link to the original piece. Let me know what you think.  Share it with people you care about.  

Help me and others to re-imagine one or several rational approaches to both priorities in life: taking care of your family and responsibilities (your bills), without throwing your life's hopes and dreams out the window as a result.

The secret in life to never getting tired is simple. Live your truth. 

When you’re doing what you’re passionate about you never actually get tired. You may be in need of serious rest on a regular basis, but you won’t get tired. Being tired is the pits. 

When you are tired, it’s actually a pretty sure sign you are on the wrong track. If you are tired of your job you might want to think about a graceful exit. You are not doing your employer, or yourself, any favors here. And you are not excelling. You can’t. Because you don’t love it. You will only excel at what you love.

I’ve known too many people who describe their most constant state as that of being ‘tired.’ Not worn out or exhausted, just tired. Tired most all the time. Some report they even wake uptired. I can relate. I was in that place so many years ago. It’s not pretty.

Read the complete, original article here.

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