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Bad weather came upon Atlanta in an instant, but this wasn't the real crisis. The real crisis, like most real human crisis, is found in response to the original crisis.

Individuals, like my next door neighbor, whose wife and son did not make it into the safe coverage of home until 1:45am, after being out since the storm first hit, all felt this crisis personally. 

The national and international media may have indeed showed photos and video footage — that is actually not Atlanta, but unfortunately no one cares about this accurate technical point of fact. No one differentiates, either. When you are a leader, we don’t have the luxury of resting on technical accuracies, when real people are hurting. It does not play well.

Mayor Kasim Reed is a solid leader, and a great mayor, and on this crisis and its response, he and the governor may now need help from all of us. Employers, employees, officials, even average citizens. I for one made sure that all of my employees were cleared to work from home and stay off the road. That said, let me say that most leaders make their worst error in response to major crisis, like this one.

Here is what I would have said.

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