I applied to participate in the 700 Credit Score Community after having been denied my dream job. The reason behind that was my credit score was too low and I had too many items in collection. Doubtful that I would get accepted because my score was so far from 700 I was overwhelmed with joy and so excited when I received the e-mail that I had been accepted into the program. This would be the opportunity that I needed to receive guidance, motivation and a game plan to get my overwhelming debt and falling credit score under control. After attending the 1st session I was elated to see that I was not the only person having debt issues and that I would be in a cohort of like-minded individuals who were ready to also get their stuff together.

During my tenure in the 700 CSC I have learned several things. The first and I believe most important was that you can’t change your credit score overnight. It takes time and patience and the practice of one day at a time. I learned also to evaluate my life style. I needed to determine the root of the problem. Was I was living a caviar and champagne life with a Wendy’s and Coca-Cola budget? Was it the mistakes I made in my young adult life that was now catching up to me? Did I just not make enough money? In all honesty it was a combination of all of the above. So based on the principals I learned thus far in the class, I began to budget my money which forced me to live within my means. I put aside the thoughts that I would never become debt free and have a great score and filled my mind with more positive thoughts.

After adjusting to my new lifestyle and mindset I was very anxious for my second counseling session to report to my coach all the things that I had put into place and to receive her feedback. During that session, I learned that due to the work I had done within under a three month time frame, I had increased my score by 52 points. To date, I have increased my score a total of 78 points. I continue to apply the concepts for the 700 CSC and I look forward to learning more. I am excited to cross the finish line and attain a 700+ Credit Score. All things are possible!

Eboni Robinson Brown, client at HOPE Inside at Ebenezer, Atlanta

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