Students at West Career Academy (WCA) and several other high schools in Denver Public Schools (DPS) are digging into the business world with a pitch competition, part of a financial empowerment and entrepreneurship initiative in partnership with Operation HOPE and its 'Business in a Box' Academy.

The program inspires aspiring business owners, providing them with guidance on how to develop a business, manage finances and pitch to investors.

WCA primarily serves over-age and under-credited students working toward graduation. During this 'pitch' event, WCA students compete for the chance to partner with a local business role model. In addition, they can earn up to $500 in seed money, which will help students launch their ideas into viable businesses.

Known as the HOPE Business in a Box Academy, the 10-week program empowers students to take greater control over their financial future, teaching them critical financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills. The program is currently being used at six DPS high schools and intensive pathway programs, and DPS plans to expand it to additional schools.

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