Following the recent global economic crises, an entire generation of youngpeople is on the cusp of some of the most important decisions of their lifetimes, and it isour responsibility to give them the tools they need to become the new individual and community assets of economic energy that America needs now, to rediscover hergreatestand to create a new generation of sustainable jobs for all.

Financial literacy represents the basic and essential tools of and in the financial education toolkit.

Financial capability represents the potential and the absolute awareness of what is possible (your options and opportunities), once you have financial education and financial literacy in your life.

Financial inclusion represents the vision and promise of America, to include all of us in the future promise and opportunity of America.

Financial empowerment is what you do with the financial capability you have now discovered in your life.

Financial dignity is the goal of all financial empowerment efforts, no different than how the civil rights movement was really a campaign for respect and dignity, more so than something strictly about the right to vote.

John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE


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