You cannot make this up.  

The HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit reset everything for Operation HOPE, restablishing our go-forward agenda as not only America's first nonprofit investment banknig organization (circa 1992), but America's first nonprofit 'software' company, specializing in the new software of human potenital.  

It was at the Global Summit that we set and announced a bold new course to continue to advance the unfinished poverty eradication work of Dr. King, and its called Project 5117. Now within weeks of the Global Summit, we now find ourselves speaking and accepting awards in the two cities that factored most into Dr. King's work. Humbling, and deep.

Last Friday I was in Montgomery, Alabama with fellow HOPE board member, friend, and Project 5117 Co-Chair Dr. Bernice A.. King, CEO of the King Center, to accept the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Living Legacy Award from the organization that still operates from the oroginal headquarters of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (and Dr. King's original office), the Southern Youth Leadership Development Institute. It was this location where arguably the civil rights work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. began.  

This Thursday, I will find myself in Memphis, Tennessee, speaking before all the delegates of the National Black Caucus of State Legislators at their annual meeting.  Of course, Memphis, Tennessee, is where Dr. King and his team had come to initiate aspects of his Poor People's Campaign, and where tragically, where he was assassinated, almost before this last phase of his work had even began.

We will honor his life and his work in the only way that we know how — but continuing the work, and changing lives.

Let's go.

John Hope Bryant


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