Kelvin Boston

Principal and Anchor
Moneywise with Kelvin Boston

Kelvin Boston is a sought-after public speaker, distinguished financial journalist and best-selling author who believes that financial education is the key that unlocks the doors to financial success. Boston is the executive producer and host of the Moneywise with Kelvin Bostonpublic television series. He is also the author of the best-selling book,Smart Money Moves For African Americans (Putnam), and Who’s Afraid to Be A Millionaire? (Wiley, John & Sons, Inc.). The New York Times referred to Boston as an “outspoken voice for economic empowerment.”

Kelvin Boston grew up in the public housing projects of South Wilmington, Delaware. After graduating from Lincoln University (PA.), he returned home to organize a housing counseling service to assist low-income families in becoming homeowners. Today, the South Wilmington Housing Counseling Service is one of the leading community housing development organizations in Delaware.

In 1980, Boston moved to Toledo, Ohio and began his career as a financial planner with one of the nation’s leading financial planning companies, American Express Financial Advisors. During his tenure at American Express Financial Advisors, he became the Mid-West Regional Manager for Financial Planning.

In 1990, Boston moved to Detroit, Michigan to produce the nation’s first weekly financial television series for people of color — Financial Insight. After airing on the Barden Cable Channel for a year, the Financial Insightseries was renamed the Color of Money and added to the programming schedule of WTVS – Detroit’s public television station. By 1992, the Color of Money featuring Kelvin Boston was airing on more than two hundred public television stations nationwide.

Kelvin Boston | HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit.

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