I am thrilled to announce that former Mayor Wellington Webb, a public service legend in and around Denver, Colorado, has signed on to co-chair the new Denver 2020 intiative, along with business community leader Tami Door, CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership.

Denver 2020, which kicks off with a districtwide partnership with the Denver Public School system to bring HOPE Business In A Box Academies to every public school campus that wants one, is the national anchor for the America 2020 Campaign (our effort between now and 2020 to empower low-wealth communities with solutions that transform both education, and banking).  We are also honored to have the active support and endorsement of Mayor Michael Hancock, the current mayor of Denver, Colorado.

With this dream team, and a winning, outcome driven, on the ground plan for silver rights empowerment success, how can we not create transformational chance.

This is the third element of Dr. King's unfinished work (poverty eradication and empowerment) in action. Civil rights justice, and silver rights empowerment too.

Let's go.

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