Citi is the first and only private sector preparedness and recovery partner (focused on both spaces) for HOPE Coalition America, with a total contribution of $300,000.

In the preparedness space, since beginning EFFAK (Emergency First Financial Aid Kit) sessions in August of 2012, Citi and HOPE have partnered to educate 2,613 participants. The trainings took place in nine locations which included Atlanta, GA, Harlem, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Long Beach, CA, Maywood, CA, Miami, FL, New Orleans, LA, Oakland, CA and Washington, DC. The partnership surpassed it’s goal by 933 participants, highlighted by a New Orleans-based FEMA webinar which was able to reach 939 participants in one day.

Citi has now joined Project Restore HOPE: Hurricane Sandy to empower families and small businesses in the New York and New Jersey area.

Citi is a leader that gives…back.

John Hope Bryant

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