If and when asked, I will make the case that my argument for raising the minimum wage is not actually a moral or even social justice issue. It is an economic issue.

If people do not make enough money (call it a living wage) to participate in the economy, and further, if they're fearful or nervous about whether they can cover the basics of life (food and shelter for instance), then they are not going to have the confidence to purchase or lease a car every 4-6 years. They are not going to have the confidence to upgrade household appliances, say every 7-10 years, or to purchase a home. They may not feel that they can 'afford' to invest in the higher education of their children.

All of these necessary activities lift GDP, actually help to keep the rich, rich, as they are owners and shareholders in a range of consumer goods manufacturers and product providers, and all of this drives continued economic growth.

The argument for a living wage, not a minimum wage, is actually a hard-nosed economic argument. It is not a Republican argument, nor a Democrats argument, but a common sense argument.

This is but one example of a Love Leadership philosophy, placed into a hard-nosed business context.

Doing the right thing, actually makes money.

John Hope Bryant

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