There is nothing like a real life role model and example of hope to inspire others to do better, achieve more, and to go where they didn't believe they could go before.  Such is the case of hope and inspiration embodied in one Rebeca Rangel, now a senior vice president at Bank of the West, but at one time, a young student struggling within a broken educational system.  

Back then Rebeca had limited opportunities and possibilities, but as you will see for yourself, with the right intervention, guidance, focus and encouragement, within a very short time her studies improved so much that she was soon graduating with honors from Harvard University.  Today, Rebeca is not only an accomplished leader and senior executive at one of the top financial institutions in the nation, she serves both on the board of directors for the organization that changed her life then, Making Waves, and one in which she is helping to change lives in today, Operation HOPE.

We are honored to have Ms. Rebeca Rangel as a board member, partner and friend here at Operation HOPE, and an entire generation of young people in the San Francisco/Bay Area now have a role model to look at and say, "I want to be her," and then do it!

Watch the video and be inspired.  This is the sort of inspiration we will seek through our HOPE Business In A Box movement, aided by the Gallup-HOPE Index.




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