We are honored to confirm Mr. Thierry Tanoh, CEO of Ecobank, one of the largest banks in Africa, with one of the most robust banking networks serving the continent, will be joining us at the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit on November 14th-15th, 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Tanoh was a very senior leader at IFC of the World Bank, and was instrumental in getting Operation HOPE into and on the ground originally in South Africa, where we still are operational.

Thierry Tanoh is a very serious leader, at a very serious time, at a critical place for our collective future — the African continent.  We are pleased that he will be traveling from the continent to join us for this critical conversation on the CEO Plenary at our summit in Atlanta, with summit co-chair Ambassador Andrew Young.

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Thierry Tanoh | HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit.

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