Today, the Cecil L. Murray Center for Community Engagement and executives from Union Bank (Pierre Gabis, Julius Robinson, and others) hosted a Local Financial Inclusion Meeting (LFIM) which brought together some of the best minds from community, faith, academia, government and the private sector — to begin to frame out a vision for what comes next in our economy.

These meetings are part of an independent series of meetings happening throughout the U.S. and around the world, focused on one question: "how do we make free enterprise work for the so-called poor."  

The results of these deliberations are all recorded and uploaded to the global eLibrary for the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit, and the best ideas will be incorporated into a summary report that will be sent to the President of the United States and G20 leaders in January, 2013, as the output result of the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit, 2012.


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Commendations to the Cecil L. Murray Center for Community Engagement at USC, and Union Bank leadership for making this happen.  A special thank you to Reverend Dr. Cecil "Chip" Murray for all of his leadership, vision and help in making this happen, and as well to our own Lance Triggs, CEO of Operation HOPE, Los Angeles, who assisted with facilitating the meeting.

For others seeking to host their own LFIM meeting, contact HOPE Forum deputy director, Jodi Brockington.



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