Robert Mooney

Deputy Director
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Robert Mooney is a long time friend, and one of the leads for the national partnership relationship between the FDIC and Operation HOPE.

Robert Mooney is Deputy Director of the FDIC’s Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection in Washington, D.C.   He directs the national community affairs, consumer affairs, and deposit insurance outreach programs. He recently served as Senior Advisor to the FDIC Chairman on consumer protection matters and has directed the FDIC’s national compliance, CRA, and fair lending examination and policy development programs.

He was named Acting Deputy Director in 2006, Associate Director in 2005, Chief of the CRA and Fair Lending Section in 2002, and Assistant Director in 1999.  Other positions with the FDIC include his appointment as Senior Fair Lending Specialist in the Washington Office in 1995; Community Affairs Officer for the Chicago Region in 1992; and Managing Agent, in 1989, as chief executive of several FDIC/RTC-supervised thrifts.  He has represented the FDIC on several interagency CRA and Compliance initiatives and authored Side by Side, a Guide to Fair Lending.

Before joining the FDIC, Mr. Mooney had more 10 years of senior executive experience in banking, including Regional Vice President, and Director for Retail Banking of a multi-state financial institution; Director of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Vice President for Employee Relations.  Mr. Mooney was active in civic affairs, serving on the board of directors, and as President or Treasurer, of several community development corporations and numerous other civic organizations or committees. The Massachusetts State Senate awarded him its Commendation for his work in community development and equal opportunity.

Robert Mooney | HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit.

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