5th Annual Global Dignity Day Commemorates Global Impact of Dignity Across Fifty Countries & Six Continents

2012 Global Dignity Day Shaping Up to Reach the Largest Number of Young People to Date

Los Angeles, CA October 17, 2002 The co-founders of Global Dignity (GD), HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, noted philosopher Professor Pekka Himanen and Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant, commemorate the 5th anniversary of the occasion today with separate events in Norway, Finland and Brazil. The events lead off a global celebration of dignity on October 17, which will be experienced by nearly 250,000 youth worldwide this week, building on the significant impact of last year’s activities.

These events are part of festivities in over 50 countries led by Global Dignity Country Chairs and organizational partners as a part of the Young Global Leaders (YGLs) initiative. YGLs operate in close cooperation with the World Economic Forum in an effort to make the world a better place.

Global Dignity Day, which is recognized annually on the third Wednesday in October, was founded by three concerned global citizens and humanitarians five years ago this month to affirm the following creed: “We all want our Dignity to be recognized. Dignity is the very foundation of our humanity. Dignity is universal. Dignity is also the source of human rights.”

In a joint statement by the three YGL alums and co-founders of GD, the trio cited the progress experienced in five years since the founding of this occasion and reminded participants of the founding tenets highlighted on Global Dignity Day:

“In a day and age where conflict in the world between cultures, religions, generations, and socioeconomic classes is grabbing all of the headlines, we seek to shift attention to develop broad agreement on something that unites us, grows our global community and extend opportunities to those who need it most. That something is dignity. We are pleased with the growth in recognition of Global Dignity Day internationally, and we are proud that within just five years, this powerful idea is reaching our brothers and sisters in over 50 countries across the globe. We are inspired by these joyful celebrations across the globe today and we encouraged celebrants to remain united by our founding creed and the five founding principles that guide us.”

On Global Dignity Day, typically, YGLs, Global Shapers and other role models join hundreds of volunteers to lead Dignity Day sessions. They speak to youth in schools in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Turkey and the Americas. Their aim is to instill a new, positive, inclusive and interconnected sense of value in young people that will guide them as they grow. A full list of Global Dignity Country Chairs and organizational partners for Global Dignity Day can be found here.

At a Dignity Day session, facilitators go into schools and lead powerful discussions with students about dignity and self respect. Facilitators come from every walk of life, and their message carries a long-lasting impact on the lives of the young people they reach.

This year’s celebration of Global Dignity Day will extend in the United States to the Global Financial Dignity Summit (GFDS), hosted by Operation HOPE, in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 14-15. At the GFDS, there will be a Global Dignity Forum, which will continue the important discussions that occur on Global Dignity Day.

To learn more about Global Dignity Day, please visit globaldignity.org. To learn more about Operation HOPE’s GFDS, please visit summit.operationhope.org.


Global Dignity is an independent, non-profit, non-political organization focused on empowering people with dignity. Established in 2006 by Young Global Leaders (an auxiliary of the World Economic Forum) HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant and Professor Pekka Himanen, the initiative inspires respect, self- esteem and tolerance of diversity and promotes the idea that every human being has the universal right to lead a dignified life. Global Dignity has developed a course on dignity, including five dignity principles, which is taught in schools around the world annually on the third Wednesday in October and celebrated as Global Dignity Day. The initiative is supported by the World Economic Forum, Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and organization partners. To join the movement or learn more about how to support, visit www.globaldignity.org.

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