The worldwide Global Dignity initiative was founded by three Young Global Leaders: Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, the Finnish professor of philosophy Pekka Himanen, and the American non-profit entrepreneur John Hope Bryant.   

They created Global Dignity, following a Young Global Leaders meeting in 2005. Since then, they have worked with many Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and other partners in over 50 countries reaching more than 400,000 youth.

Global Dignity has set itself the goal of building bridges and promoting the one thing that unites us all as human beings, regardless of our ethnicity, religion, political views or other differences: human dignity. The aim is to encourage children in particular to be dignified in their dealing with others and to develop dignity themselves.

In October every year Global Dignity Day takes place (held this year on October 17, 2012). 

During Global Dignity Day, we visit with local schools and communities around the world teaching a "course in dignity" to youth and spreading our mission of helping youth and adults become their best self and helping others to achieve the same.

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Today Global Dignity has Country Chairs in 29 countries and five Organizational Partners. For more information please visit www.globaldigity.org

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