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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If You’re Anti-Business, You’re Anti-Small Business

There are just over 6 million businesses in America, the vast majority of which are small businesses. About half of all private sector employees in the U.S. workforce work for businesses with 500 or fewer employees.

Politicians and talking heads sometimes make it seem like American capitalism consists entirely of huge corporations. But there are only about 18,500 big businesses, with only 1,000 of those employing 10,000 employees or more. At the same time, small firms with fewer than 500 employees represent 99% of the total number of U.S. businesses.

So, when elected officials make decisions, or simply utter remarks, that are seen as “anti-business,” it probably comes across to these millions of small-business owners as anti-small business. Over-regulating or disparaging business isn’t good for America, because it probably causes uncertainty among small-business owners and that uncertainty just might lead them to not grow or hire. 

In my view, one of the reasons our economy is stalled is that small businesses are scared. Small business is the most important part of the total capitalist ecosystem. So goes U.S. small business, so goes desperately needed job creation and America’s standing in the world.

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