"There are two men I am supposed to hate. One is a white man, the other is black, and both served time for having committed murder.  James Earl Ray was imprisoned, charged with killing my son.  Marcus Chenault was institutionalized as deranged after shooting my wife to death.  I don't hate either one.  There is no time for that, and no reason, either. Nothing that a man does takes him lower than when he allows himself to fall so far as to hate anyone.  Hatred is not needed to stamp out evil, despite what some people have been taught.

…People can accomplish all things God wills in this world; hate cannot. If we achieved a victory in the South it was over inhamanity. When the evil heart of segregation could beat no more, it was because it had been stopped by people who did not counsel violenve, who did not brutalize and bomb, who never sought to take away any part of anyone else's identity as a human being. These things triumphed over the exagerated power of hatred. And so which path would any man who knew this choose to travel?  Hatred did not win. I prefer to share triumph."

                     Rev. Martin Luther King, Sr., father of civil rights leader Dr. King, from his book DADDY KING.

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