This week, I am pleased to present the 2011 Banking on Our Future (BOOF) Impact Report.

We have taken our time to ask the questions that offer a glimpse into the knowledge gained along with a glimpse into impact our mentor-influenced model can provide. It is remarkable to reflect on the amount of dedicated hours that our Program Managers, Volunteers around the country; and our Office of Innovation Research & Assessment (OIRA) have invested to deliver and measure the impact we make each day.

Your commitment and interest in the lives of youth drives the results. As the Chairman, I have the distinct privilege of observing the needs of youth around the globe and have seen the unique energy that youth possess as evidenced by the Gallup-HOPE index. The BOOF results in 2011 confirm what the 2011 Gallup-HOPE Index results revealed – youth need interaction and a connection between learning, outcomes, outlook, and people resources.

Read the complete story and download the complete report here.


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