This is my generational plan for everything.

Jim Clifton, the chairman and CEO of Gallup, projects in his groundbreaking book The Coming Jobs War, that global GDP will be $200 trillion by 2040. Global GDP is presently approximately $60 trillion. That means that the next 28 years is an all-out fight for who gets the remaining $140 trillion. Who gets their fair share of the remaining $140 trillion in untapped global GDP will determine everything in the world; who leads the free world; who has the biggest military budget for the purpose of protection and global democratic stability; who can afford international aid; or being charitable to nations and people in need. What nation gets to determine global priorities.




Some think that this war has already been fought, and America has lost. Underscoring this misnomer, according to Gallup, approximately 53 percent of Americans today believe that China is already the economic leader of the free world, even though China's GDP is a mere $7 trillion, if you believe their numbers, and U.S. GDP is a robust $15 trillion plus, or more than twice as big. To put our GDP into perspective, you can place two or three of the largest economies in the world into our economy, add South Africa, Mexico and several other economies for good measure — and you still have room. America is no punk, and our story is far from over. Remember, the world counted America out 20 years when it was universally assumed that Japan would rule the world, and us too. That bet was wrong, and the China bet could be wrong, too.

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