Hello John,

HOPE all is well and going good. I wanted to take the time and
personally thank you for everything you have done for me, your
teachings and the teachings from everyone at HOPE have taught me a

Currently, I just finished my sophomore year going onto my junior year
of high school and I doing very well in my academics with an overall
G.P.A. of 3.63 and looking forward towards college.

As for my family, my mom and dad like I have mentioned in our previous
talks are currently working hard in our family business of party
supply and we are currently trying to expand our small business.
Thanks to you and HOPE, I took my brother William to the Small
Business workshop and he implemented some ideas he got during the

Again THANKS for everything; all the advice and opportunities you have
given me through these past 2 years. My time here with HOPE has been
above excellent and I look forward in continuing here for a while
longer. My mother sends her regards and she always says, "Gracias a
Dios que lo conociste y que Dios le bendiga por todo que nos ha
ayudado" which means "Thank the lord you met him and let the lord
bless him for everything he has done for us"

HOPE you are doing well and continue to pursue financial freedom for all.

-Carlos Prado

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