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I believe this article articulates the single best weapon (our 50 million youth, grades 5th-12th) to address what many have called America's coming China challenge, but really, this article is not about America's future China challenge. This is about us, and what we need to do to sustain, extend, and grow our own organic success well into the future.

This is about how we manufacturer more of that amazing American "special sauce," that has made people all around the world want to come to this incredible place for more than 100 years.

It's also about our confidence, in ourselves.

America's GDP is still approximately $15 trillion today. That means that even with Chinas GDP at $5.8 trillion, and adding the two next largest economies (Japan at $5.2 trillion and Germany at $3.28 trillion) together, you still have room within the U.S. economy to add more. We are still the biggest economy in the world by a long-shot, so we must remember that we still have a lot of what the world needs to succeed. Our problem is our confidence in ourselves.

And even with China's recent runaway success, there are serious internal social, economic and what I call "value" issues — inside the borders of China — that they will have to deal with before they truly emerge as a true global leader on the world stage. This will take a minute to sort out.

America's problem is also her opportunity – it is within you and me.

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