SPECIAL FROM THE HUFFINGTON POST: On Leadership: Jobs, Confidence and Debating Obama

October, 2011

impactJohn Hope Bryant   

As the founder, chairman and CEO of a large non-profit organization which is the global leader for financial dignity, the only way we succeed (for our client) is to build bridges and to create successful partnerships. I am a common-sense guy, and I tend to want the right answer, even if it is not my answer. So I don't find hardened partisan politics generally useful in my efforts to both bring leaders together, and ultimately, bottom line -- my efforts to create solutions and to empower the poor and under-served of our nation. Increasingly, the middle-class feel poor, and we serve them, too.

My clients are not partisan politics nor, respectfully, politicians -- but poor people.

Over the years I have worked with Democratic and Republican presidents alike, from President Clinton, to President Bush and ,now, President Obama. Our work has been noted by the last five U.S. presidents, I have been honored to serve as an advisor to three U.S. presidents, and I have served as a Presidential Appointee for President George W. Bush, and now serve proudly as an appointee under President Obama. I try to keep my personal bias out of the discussion, and just keep the trains running on time. Poor people simply do not care about my political persuasion or yours, frankly. They simply want a reasonably better shot at a life for themselves and their family tomorrow than they had yesterday.

And all of this brings me to this conclusion -- I believe that President Obama is right to call for a Jobs Bill, and our Congress and U.S. Senate would be right (and smart) to pass every aspect they can find agreement on, and fast.

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