John Hope Bryant



Imagine what the world be like — what would have happened in the global economic crisis, if everyone practiced one simple global golden rule — dignity for all.

Beyond basic competence and honesty, if every leader believed in and stood behind only one ethic — Ubuntu.

Ubuntu, which comes from mother South Africa, roughly translates "I am me, because you are you."

What would have happened is simple — there would have been no global economic crisis.

You see, in order for this global economic crisis to be real, to effect us in the way that it has, there must first have been an obsessive focus on the "me" rather than the "we."

An individualized focus on "what do I get," rather than "what do I have to give."

A personal focus on "getting paid or getting rich," rather than say "building wealth."

These are subtle differences, but differences that in the end make all the difference in the world.

In this crisis, most of us (if we are honest) treated individuals and even clients like transactions rather than relationships. So no wonder things turned out so crappy.

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