The main messages from the The Gallup-HOPE Index data today reveal that while youth are hopeful and optimistic about their future and their ability to “be their own boss”, the data reveals there is a large gap in exposure at school and home regarding financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

The opportunity areas will be in providing youth with opportunities to develop financial practices and to insert education opportunities both at school and at home that teach how to start and run a business along with financial dignity.

The main point is that for the first time we’ve asked youth – our customers what they think, need, and experience. That’s what makes the Index data at this stage so special. We’ve begun to develop the conversations with youth about their future and we’re including their input in the solutions.

Today, youth are telling us their expecations are high for the future and their opportunities to grow and learn how to get there are low. We can meet high optimism with super interventions once we know where youth are headed…and the Gallup-HOPE Index gives us that direction.

Jennifer Thibeaux is the director of the Operation HOPE Office of Innovation, Research & Assessment.

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