The new index seeks to assess financial literacy and economic energy among America's youth; First Gallup-HOPE Forum to be held in Washington, DC, October 13, 2011

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The multi-year partnership agreement between the financial empowerment nonprofit, Operation HOPE (HOPE) and leading management consulting firm, Gallup, will advance the organizations' joint mission to develop and promote the Gallup-HOPE Index, (GHI) a survey measuring financial literacy and the economic energy of young people in the United States.

The Gallup-HOPE Index will provide government and business leaders with data about America's youth in grades 5 through 12 and will assess the attitudes and behaviors often ascribed to entrepreneurs. The data could be tapped as a leading indicator for America's future GDP, job growth, and role in the world, as well as inform strategies in education and enterprise sectors about what youth need to be successful in the future.

Both organizations have committed to annually deliver groundbreaking findings of the Gallup-HOPE Index for the next 100 years. Gallup will invest approximately $5 million in the Index as its gift to America's schools. HOPE will take the lead on promoting the data, nationally advocating for student measures that make students ready for the future, and implementing intervention programs designed to improve Financial Literacy and build Economic Energy, among 5th -12th graders nationally.

"Operation HOPE and Gallup understand that America's youth are the future workforce and business leaders of this country and that youth achieving their financial goals goes hand in hand with America realizing its economic potential and remaining competitive globally, said HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant, who also serves on President Obama's Advisory Council for Financial Capability.

"These thirty million kids between 5th and 12th grade are our players against the rest of the world in a competition for good jobs. Except it is a game for everything. We are playing for our Republic. Our very freedom is on the line. If they don't win, America will change more than anyone can imagine," said Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup.

The Gallup-HOPE Index collaboration capitalizes on the diverse strengths of Gallup research and Operation HOPE outreach and empowerment programs and it is informed by an advisory board of financial literacy and youth and community development experts from government, nonprofit, and corporate backgrounds.

Gallup and HOPE's commitment to this critical aspect of education and student career success will focus primarily on low-income areas where HOPE has a physical presence and deep commitment to equipping the next generation with the full financial knowledge and expertise to thrive.

The initial Gallup-Operation HOPE Financial Literacy Index results demonstrated that there is a relationship between financial literacy and student hope, engagement, and wellbeing, key indicators of student success in work and life.

About Gallup
Gallup has studied human nature and behavior for more than 75 years. Gallup's reputation for delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what people around the world think and feel is the cornerstone of the organization. Gallup employs many of the world's leading scientists in management, economics, psychology, and sociology, and our consultants assist leaders in identifying and monitoring behavioral economic indicators worldwide. Gallup consultants help organizations boost organic growth by increasing customer engagement and maximizing employee productivity through measurement tools, coursework, and strategic advisory services. Gallup's 2,000 professionals deliver services at client organizations, through the Web, at Gallup University's campuses, and in more than 40 offices around the world. To learn more, visit www.gallup.com.

About Operation HOPE
Since 1992, Operation HOPE has been America's leading financial literacy and empowerment nonprofit.  Through its four principle portfolios: Banking on Our Future, HOPE Coalition America, HOPE Financial Literacy Empowerment Centers, and HOPE Corps, the organization addresses youth and adult financial literacy, economic preparedness, bridges the digital divide and promotes home ownership and assists with foreclosure prevention. With the support of more than 400 private sector companies, 5000 nonprofit organizations and schools and government partners, HOPE has reached over 1.5 million low-wealth individuals in 70 U.S. cities and South Africa. The organization has raised more than $500 million and helped to restructure more than $360 million in sub-prime mortgages from the private sector, for more than a total of approximately $1 billion in economic activity for the disenfranchised. At the core of HOPE's mission is a Silver Rights Movement, ensuring that free enterprise and capitalism work to provide a better future for underserved communities around the world. To learn more about HOPE, visit our website at www.operationhope.orgwww.twitter.com/operationhope, and www.facebook.com/operationhope.

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SOURCE Operation HOPE; Gallup

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