Veronica Colondam Named Global Dignity Country Co-Chair for Indonesia

August, 2011

Veronica Colondam founded YCAB – the “Loving the Nation’s Children Foundation” – an independent non-profit, social foundation established out of deep concern for increasing drug abuse among youth in Indonesia, in 1999.

Apart from her duties to YCAB, she presently serves as an expert advisor to the Indonesian National Narcotic Board(BNN). Colondam published Raising Drug Free Children (2007) after co-authoring several other books and writes periodically in the daily national newspaper Media Indonesia and

She studied mass communication and public relations and was awarded an MSc in Drug Policy and Intervention, Imperial College, London and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicines. She further attended the Executive Program in Global Leadership at the Kennedy School of Government and INSEAD for social entrepreneurship.

She served as a Fellow of the Asia Society 21 Young Leaders. In November 2008, she received a Social

Innovator Park Fellow Award for her contribution as a social entrepreneur in Indonesia.

At 29, she was the youngest recipient of the United Nations’ Vienna Civil Society Award.

Veronica Colondam is a member of the Forum of Young Global Leaders, and the co-founders HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Professor Pekka Himanen of Finland and John Hope Bryant, founder of Operation HOPE, along with the board of directors of Global Dignity, were honored to name her the country co-chair of Global Dignity, Indonesia.



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