I am proud to announce that the HOPE Corps at Operation HOPE has surpassed 16,500 HOPE Corps volunteers recruited, trained and mobilized around the Operation HOPE silver rights movement globally. Most of these volunteers are active right here in the United States, in the 70 plus urban communities we serve, both also represent HOPE Corps volunteers active in South Africa.

Commendations to the HOPE Corps team and HOPE Corps director Shannon Campbell.  The HOPE Corps serves as a "feeder" for the HOPE Youth Financial Literacy Empowerment Division, the HOPE Adult Financial and Economic Empowerment Division, and the HOPE Coalition America emergency financial and economic disaster preparedness, response and recovery Division.  Just in our youth division, I have seen first hand the impact of our HOPE Corps on America's youth, our country's future leaders, where they not only teach a course in dignity and financial literacy (and soon entrepreneurship), but also serve as heroes and sheroes — sending a powerful message of "who they can be" in and for their future.

To volunteer for Operation HOPE, as part of our growing HOPE Corps movement, please contact Shannon Campbell.



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